Binding Android piece by piece

This BJUG presentation is focused on the unique inter-process communication (IPC) mechanism introduced by Android, namely Binder. As such, we will be exploring the entire Android software stack, starting from the Linux kernel, moving up to the Linux userspace, reaching the Android framework and ending our journey with some real-life usages of Binder in Android applications.

We will show how widely used Binder actually is in Android, thus proving that it is a cornerstone of the operating system. The main focus is on the programming model exposed towards developers and we will highlight when, how and why it should be used.

  • Short introduction
    • Android IPC
    • OpenBinder
  • Implementation
    • Down in the Linux kernel
    • Moving up to Linux userspace
    • Reaching the Android framework
  • Learn by doing
    • Why use it?
    • A simple example
    • A highly available middleware for context acquisition
  • Improvements
  • Conclusions

Thursday, November 19, 2015
7:00 PM


SoftVision Romania
Strada loan Cantacuzino 16, București


Radu Marin
Senior Software Developer / Technical Coordinator