Hands-on lab: MVC 1.0 with Java EE 8

This hands-on-lab will familiarize you with Java EE 8 which will be released in the first half of 2017. We will focus only on a small part of Java EE 8, namely the MVC 1.0 (JSR 371). This JSR will have a big impact in writing web applications in the JavaEE ecosystem.

We will present the specification with focus on code examples, on the extra features MVC 1.0 is offering compared to other frameworks and on how we can start using MVC 1.0 right now.

Our friend Bogdan Posa will guide you through the entire duration of the workshop.

Model-View-Controller, or MVC for short, is a common pattern in Web frameworks where it is used predominantly to build HTML applications.

The model refers to the application’s data, the view to the application’s data presentation and the controller to the part of the system responsible for managing input, updating models and producing output.

The API defined by this specification falls into the action-based category and is, therefore, not intended to be a replacement for component-based frameworks such as JavaServer Faces (JSF), but simply a different approach to building Web applications on the Java EE platform.

The MVC API is layered on top of JAX-RS and integrates with existing EE technologies like CDI and Bean Validation.


Hands-on lab: MVC 1.0 with Java EE 8 Hands-on lab: MVC 1.0 with Java EE 8 Hands-on lab: MVC 1.0 with Java EE 8


Saturday, December 12, 2015
10:00 AM


Nouveau Center, Lipscani 102 Street, Sector 3, 030039 Bucharest, Romania