Multithreading Inside Out

In the modern software development, good old teachings are often shadowed by information mountains, sophisticated technologies, or aggressive market conditions.

This BJUG talk brings in the limelight the insides of multithreading programming. It takes you from the bare concepts and hardware support, to the Java VM implementation approach and beyond. Even more, it unveils the common myths about speed and correctness, with examples and benchmarks. In the end, you may see in different colors the related best practices and design patterns you already know.

We are telling this story in the hope that it will be an appetizer for some excellent readings and for a perfect multithreading design and development.


Thursday, October 22, 2015
7:00 PM


Computaris Romania
Strada Gen. Gheorghe Manu 5, București, Bucharest


Florin Ganea
Florin Ganea
System Architect at Computaris

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