Script with Groovy, build with Gradle

Groovy has all the features you wish Java had!

Have you ever gotten frustrated with the verbosity of Java? Have you ever wished that writing code in Java was as easy as JavaScript? Then it's time to get yourself introduced to Groovy, an alternative language for JVM. Before you scoff and say it's difficult to switch languages (or whatever!), just hear me out. This talk will showcase a few simple features that you wish Java had. In a live coding session, you will see how a few lines of Groovy compare to the equivalent of Java. If by the end of this talk you don't get convinced, there is no hope for you!


Alin Pandichi
BJUG co-organizer, software developer at MozaicLabs

Groovy and Gradle talk at BJUG

From Ant to Maven to Gradle a tale of CI tools for JVM

Build tools promised to make life easier, but sometimes the price of solving some problems was "more problems to solve". In this talk we will remember the days of Ant (and why we liked it) we will see why you still use Maven and why you should move on to Gradle.


Alex Proca
Incremental Community Founder


Thursday, May 5th, 2016
7:00 PM


TechHub Bucharest
Strada Nicolae Filipescu 39-41, București


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