VDB16 speakers announced

In case you've missed the news last month, Voxxed Days Bucharest 2016 has published the speakers agenda. As promised, it features a keynote, 3 tracks of 5 talks each, and another room for 3 workshops.

The keynote

Jean-Pierre (JP) LeGoaller
Senior manager of solutions architecture at Amazon Web Services. Has worked as an AWS solutions architect since 2011

Connecting the Unconnected: IoT Made Simple – How to connect and collect data from all your devices

The Java track

These talks cover topics ranging from JVM internals, CQRS, event sourcing, actors and Lego(!) for IoT, to dependency injection, JDBC and Spring.

Ionuț Baloșin
Senior Software Engineer with 9+ years of experience in a wide variety of business applications. Particularly interested in Software Architecture and Java Performance and Tuning.

From Bytecode to Native Code in HotSpot JVM – How the JVM internally works in regards to the interpreter and the Just-In-Time compiler.

Eugen Paraschiv
Author of the Spring Security Course (Packt), passionate about REST, Security, TDD and everything in between

An Architecture with CQRS and Event Sourcing – A useful way to keep all your events saved for later use (such as an error replay)

Johan Janssen
Java architect and competence center Java lead at Info Support

Using actors for The Internet of (Lego) Trains – A lego simulation of an railway system

Sven Ruppert
Coding Java since 1996, a Fellow for reply

DI Frameworks – some hidden pearls – Which framework is better when we are talking about dependency injection

Vlad Mihalcea
Software architect, passionate about enterprise systems, high scalability and all sorts of concurrency challenges

High-Performance JDBC – How to fine tune JDBC in order to improve your ORM speed

Josh Long
Spring Developer Advocate at Pivotal. A Java Champion, author of 5 books and 3 best-selling video trainings

The Bootiful Microservice – How to use Spring to apply the Microservice pattern regardless of the size of your company

The Web and Mobile track

These talks cover topics ranging from security in JavaEE, progressive webapps, REST middlewares, DevOps success stories, to IoT robots, Functional Reactive Programming and Scala for front-end.

Patrycja Wegrzynowicz
CTO of Yonita Inc., software visionary, Java expert, researcher, automated SE, (anti-)patterns, performance, security, concurrency, databases

Secure Authentication and Session Management in Java EE – How to ensure your session does not get hijacked

Alexandru Bularca
A big believer in the Web Platform over native apps, advocate for enhancing Web Applications using the latest and greatest web technologies

Create app like experiences with Progressive Web Apps – How a web application can feel like an app

Robert Munteanu
Senior Computer Scientist at Adobe, a software developer with a passion for Open Source.

Apache Sling as a microservices gateway – How the Apache Sling framework can be used to build a unified REST-based middleware for multiple data sources.

Menno Vis
Head of the IT Development Department within bol.com, responsible for all software and application development

[email protected]: a great journey towards autonomy! – How to apply Devops for a big project

Trayan Iliev
founder and CTO of IPT – Intellectual Products & Technologies – IT consultancy and training company specialized in Java, web and mobile development

Reactive Java Robotics and IoT – Using Java for robots

Maciek Próchniak
Algebraic topologist, having developed for over 9 years on JVM professionally and for pleasure

React to ScalaJS – Write more reactive code using scala

The Cloud and Big Data track

These talks cover topics ranging from clean code, Red Hat's tools for data processing, to NoSQL analytics, microservices for Iot, continuous deployment with Docker, and Apache's GUI for Big Data.

Victor Rentea
Senior Software Engineer, Tech Team Lead, Independent Consultant and Passionate Trainer on Java Enterprise technology and design.

The Art of Clean Code – Learn what clean code means and find out how to improve your coding style.

Galder Zamarreño
Core R&D engineer at JBoss, a division of Red Hat. One of the founding engineers of Infinispan, Red Hat's distributed, in-memory key-value store

Distributed Data Processing with Infinispan and Java Streams – How to leverage Java 8 streams with Infinispan

Alvaro Hernandez
0.x serial entrepreneur (CEO @ WizzBill). Developer and trainer in Java, PostgreSQL, Linux and Cloud. Opensource advocate. Learnaholic. Passionate geek

ToroDB: NoSQL & relational Java database with SQL analytics – Use SQL and NoSQL in the same database

Michal Stehlik
Joined IBM in 2013 as a Java Senior Developer, after earning over 5 years of experience in Java development

Modular Infrastructure for IoT Applications – Microservices in the IOT context

DuyHai Doan
Cassandra Technical Advocate, ready to answer any question you might have about Cassandra or other related technologies

Apache Zeppelin, the missing GUI for your Big Data back-end – A visual interface for your big data trends

Adrien Blind
DevOps coach and Infrastructure as Code product owner at Societe Generale

Continuous Delivery at Docker age – Explore a fully automated continuous deployment process, leveraging on Docker containers


Choose your own adventure by attending one of the workshops, where you can get your hands on real working applications based on Big Data, Javascript, Marklogic and Redis.

Dan Serban
Data engineer who occasionally teaches advanced functional programming as well as data engineering

Process your big data in a blink using Spark – Intensely hands-on workshop introducing Apache Spark, the open-source cluster computing framework with in-memory processing.

Tamas Piros
Experienced software engineer, blogger, author and teacher & preacher of super-heroic web technologies

Full Stack Application development using JavaScript – Develop a SPA using Javascript and Marklogic, a NoSQL database.

Liviu Costea
Software Developer & DevOps, leading the developing efforts of a company called Biz Pro Technologies

Everybody likes Redis – Turn your Redis cache server into a full fledged database


It looks like it will be an exciting day, full of great discussions about what's hot in the Java (or should I say "not only Java") software development ecosystem.

If you haven't done so already, hurry up and get your ticket, there's only a handful left! After that, keep yourself up to speed by following the news on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Or you can subscribe to the Voxxed Days Bucharest newsletter.

See you there on March 11!